Guardian Protector Program

Family Guardian / Trustee Protector Program

Our Family Guardian / Trustee Protector Program is aimed at providing ongoing legal and administrative support for persons who are serving as guardian or trustee (or agent under a durable power of attorney) for a family member or friend, at predictable monthly rates.
Membership in the Protector Program includes:

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Estate Planning with Adaptive Law

Why Consider a Living Trust?

Worried that creating a living trust will turn your children into spoiled “trust fund kids”? Or that you need millions of dollars to create one? Don’t let these myths stop you from setting up a revocable living trust. Here’s why. Continue Reading…

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Underestimating the Risk of Disability

Most working Americans estimate that their own chances of experiencing a long term disability are substantially lower than the average worker’s. Given the high costs of care, this underestimation often leaves Americans ill prepared to pay for the costs of long term care. This blog examines the eye-opening statistics surrounding disability and some of the common disability planning options. Continue Reading…

Elder Law at Adaptive Law Firm

Last Chance for Spousal File & Suspend

Time is running out to use a potentially lucrative Social Security benefits-claiming strategy. Spouses will no longer be able to use the “file and suspend” strategy after April 29, 2016. Beware, however, that the new rules are causing confusion at some Social Security offices. Continue Reading…