Estate Planning and Land Use with Adaptive Law

Why a Living Trust?

At home with nothing but time on your hands? What a great time to do some (virtual) estate planning! The first question clients often have for me is whether they should have a living trust instead of a will. Followed by, and what is a living trust exactly?

Here are some of the reasons my clients often opt for a living trust over a standard will-centered plan. First though, what the heck is a living trust? Continue Reading…

Estate Planning with Adaptive Law

Your Child’s Guardians

To choose or not to choose.

By far the most difficult decision that parents face when preparing their estate plan is selecting their child’s guardians. If you’re lucky, you have tons of options to choose from, and it’s “simply” a matter of picking the best one (and, of course, getting your partner to agree). If you’re not so lucky, it may come down to making sure certain people do NOT become guardian of your children. Either way, you are not alone if the dilemma of choosing your children’s guardian has prevented you from doing anything. But trust us when we say that, in this area, something is absolutely better than nothing. Continue Reading…