Guardian Protector Program

Family Guardian / Trustee Protector Program

Our Family Guardian / Trustee Protector Program is aimed at providing ongoing legal and administrative support for persons who are serving as guardian or trustee (or agent under a durable power of attorney) for a family member or friend, at predictable monthly rates.
Membership in the Protector Program includes:

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529 College Savings Plans for Special Needs Students

Faced with the increasing cost of higher education, students and their families must begin saving for college from an early age—often from birth. 529 College Savings Plans offer families a great opportunity to set aside money for a child’s college education, especially since funds held in 529 Plans grow tax-free. However, when a child with special needs is setting aside money for college, a 529 Plan may not be the best option. Continue Reading…

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Your Child’s Guardians

To choose or not to choose.

By far the most difficult decision that parents face when preparing their estate plan is selecting their child’s guardians. If you’re lucky, you have tons of options to choose from, and it’s “simply” a matter of picking the best one (and, of course, getting your partner to agree). If you’re not so lucky, it may come down to making sure certain people do NOT become guardian of your children. Either way, you are not alone if the dilemma of choosing your children’s guardian has prevented you from doing anything. But trust us when we say that, in this area, something is absolutely better than nothing. Continue Reading…

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Disinheriting a Special Needs Child

Inexperienced estate planning attorneys have a bad reputation of telling parents of children with special needs to simply write their child out of their estate plan altogether in order to ensure that the child will qualify for government benefits if the parents pass away. While this approach might accomplish the goal of preserving government benefits, it is almost always the wrong way to help a child with special needs. Continue Reading…

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Our Child Care Plan

Kids are a primary motivation for estate planning. And for good reason.

As much as we hate to think about it, we all want to know that our children will be safe and healthy and loved if we are suddenly taken away from them. To accomplish this, some advance planning is required. Continue Reading…