We provide assistance to Washington families with unique planning needs—including guardianships for parent caregivers, estate plans involving special needs trusts, and business and succession planning for family farms and businesses.

The first step is to find out if our law firm is a good fit for you.

Adaptive Law Firm PS
Adaptive Law Firm PS

What we do

Curated Estate & Business Planning Since 2013

We have families and businesses and assets of our own, so we understand exactly how important this process is. We also understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed. Our firm intentionally serves fewer clients so we may provide more customized and long term legal support, tailored to the unique needs of you, your family and your business.

Adaptive Law Firm PS
Adaptive Law Firm PS

Who we are

Hollie Del Vecchio, PhD

Attorney & Owner

When I opened my own law firm in 2013, I knew I wanted to improve peoples’ daily lives, and that I wanted to practice law differently. In most areas of law, though, the traditional legal system did not allow for “different.” So I created my own kind of law firm.

We must be doing something right, because years later we have had the honor of working with extraordinary people and businesses in their time of need.

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Adaptive Law Firm PS
Adaptive Law Firm PS

Who we serve

Business Owners

Family Businesses, Farming & Hospitality, Entrepreneurs

You pour our heart into your business. We do, too. At the end of the day, most of us want something to pass on—or at least sell. Are your affairs a mess? We love a good challenge.

Land Owners

Agricultural Land, Timber & Forestland, Homes & Rentals

Like time, land is a non-renewable resource that most people and businesses are anxious to protect—and for good reason. We’ll help you select the right tools and strategies.

Complex Families

Children with Disabilities, Gender Diverse Individuals

Families with unique situations demand unique planning and guidance. We’re here to help you navigate this complex legal environment and understand your rights and options.

Adaptive Law Firm PS
Adaptive Law Firm PS

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The first step is to find out if we are a good fit for you

Before we start working together, we need to make sure we are a good fit.

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